Bond Points (Ingersoll Skating Club)

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Family Commitment Bond


What are bond points?   


This is a natural question most parents ask when signing their children up for hockey, skating etc.

Ingersoll Skating Club is run by volunteers.  The board of Directors, Program Assistants, Event Organizers, and music personnel, and many others are all examples of individuals donating their time.   It goes without saying our club would not be what it is or where is, if it wasn’t for everyone that gives of their time.

The principle behind the bond cheque is each family gives a post-dated cheque at the beginning of the skating year.  If the families help by volunteering their time, fundraising or donating required items to an event they fulfill their bond requirement, thus having their cheque returned at the end of the skating year.

Bond cheques are in place as an incentive to get the families involved.

How much is my bond cheque?

Bond Cheque Amounts

CanSkaters         $125.00

Junior                 $150.00

Intermediate       $150.00

Senior                 $150.00

If you have more than one skater participating within our club, the bond cheque will be $200.00 per Family.

Bond can be paid by cheque (payable to Ingersoll Skating Club) or cash, but please note this will be held until the end of our skating season, March 2024.

Bond cheques MUST be post dated March 15, 2024.

New this year, you can also add your Bond pre-payment to your account at the time registration and pay with your credit or debit card via Stripe.

A Bond pre-payment is required from each skating family.  It is due on or before the first day of skating.  

How do I earn points?

You are required to earn 50 Bond Points per skater

Ways to earn points:

̶            10 points can be earned for each $100.00 you sell in a fundraiser,

̶            Points will be assigned for each hour you volunteer at an event,

̶            You could donate some baked goods or a raffle prize…


Check out our BOND binder, where there are lots of options listed for you to earn your points.


Note:  Carnival will not be included towards bond commitment points with the exception of those positions named by the Carnival Committee.


Please let a board member know if you have any questions or concerns.