Program Assistants (Ingersoll Skating Club)

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The Ingersoll Skating Club would not be able to offer the CanSkate and Junior Programs at such a reasonable rate to its members without the assistance of our PAs. The PAs assist the professional coaches on the ice with the following duties:
 - demonstrate skills and teaching progressions
 - supervise practice time
 - lead warm-ups and cool-downs under the direction of the coach
 - reinforce learned skills (follow-up on coach’s instruction)
 - lead exercises, drills, games, creative expression exercises under the coach’s direction
   hand out awards and weekly incentives
   take attendance

PAs are our Junior, Intermediate and Senior skaters. Having the opportunity to assist in the CanSkate program and Junior program helps to develop leadership skills and gives them the chance to put in their volunteer hours. They also provide our young skaters with great role models.

If you have questions or concerns about the program or any of our PAs please direct them to one of the professional coaches or to our Program Assistant Coordinator, Laurie Canham Kilby at [email protected].

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