Choosing a Coach (Ingersoll Skating Club)

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Who can take private lessons?
Anyone! Skaters from beginner through to the highest competitive level can and do benefit from private instruction.
Why private lessons?

Skaters choose private instructions for a variety of reasons. Here are a few!
 - to help CanSkaters progress through the CanSkate program more quickly
 - to help skaters understand and develop his/her strengths
 - to target and improve areas of weakness
 - to assist skaters entering the StarSkate Canada test program
 - to assist skaters through the StarSkate Canada test program
 - for competitive skaters who wish to compete at recreational levels or higher

How / when are private lessons offered?
Private lessons may be taught on Junior thru to Senior sessions as well as morning ice.
(See package for program times)
How much do private lessons cost?
Private coaching fees range depending upon a number of variables including:
 - the coaches level of expertise
 - the coaches area or discipline of expertise
 - the coaches years of experience
 - the coaches level of certification with NCCP  (National Coaching Certification Program)
 - Most lessons rates range between $8.00 to $15.00 per 15 min lesson
 How do I choose a private coach?
 - Ask around! Do you know someone who has a child taking private lessons?
 - Call potential coaches to arrange an interview.
 - Conduct an informal one over the phone.
 - Come out and watch a private lesson session…
 - See the skaters and coaches in action. (see package for program times)
 - Choose a coach with the teaching and coaching abilities that fits with your child.