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Sep 22, 2021 | Sue D'Ambrosio | 1048 views
Important Reminder
Just a reminder that the arena will be checking for proof of vaccination starting today.



Notice of Vaccination Requirements


On Sept. 22 The Town of Ingersoll will require proof of COVID-19 vaccination prior to entry at

recreation facilities in compliance with Ontario Regulation 645/21


The following visitors are exempt:

  • Those under 18 years of age who are entering the facility for active participation in an organized sport
  • Individuals aged 11 or younger
  • Individuals who provide a medical reason, from a medical doctor or registered nurse, for not being vaccinated

All other visitors 12 years of age or older will be required to provide proof of vaccination.

Proof of vaccination is considered the following: Record of vaccination (two doses plus 14

days), along with government issued ID




Please review the following rules and guidelines:


Arrive no sooner than 15 minutes prior to your skater's session start.


Dress warmly as the lobby is not a viewing option.


If your child is feeling unwell refrain from attending the arena.


Entering the Arena

  • The front doors on Mutual Street are for ENTERING the building ONLY. You are not to exit the building via these doors

Hand Sanitizer

  • Hand sanitizer will be provided by the arena staff. All persons are strongly encouraged to use sanitizer upon entry.

Dressing Rooms

  • When entering the building look up at the screen near the vending machines at ceiling level. It will list what dressing rooms your skater's session is assigned too. Dressing Room 1 & 2 are to the right and 4 & 5 are to the left.

  • Go directly to your dressing rooms.

  • Each dressing room has a maximum number of occupants posted on the door. Please ensure that you use a room that has space for you and your skater.
  • Skaters are to remain in their dressing room until the Zamboni is done and the session is beginning.


  • There may be up to two (2) spectators for each child on the ice.

  • Spectators are to sit on the side of the arena that their dressing room is on.

  • You must always wear your face mask when in the building.

  • You are to sit distanced in the stands.
  • No one is to be in the lobby. The lobby is a passage to the dressing rooms and to the washrooms. At no other time should you be in the lobby.


  • Skaters may remove their face masks when on the ice.

  • Skaters are reminded to maintain social distancing while on the ice.

Exiting the Arena

  • You are to exit the arena via the door on the side of the arena that your dressing room is on.

  • There is a door exit door on each side of the arena next to the spectator stands.
  • The front doors are NOT to be used as an exit.

Health Screening


An ISC board member is at the door for each session assisting with the screening; however, we are asking all families to please complete your health screening at home before coming to the arena.  You can screen for 24hours before your skater's session.  If pre-screening is completed, the flow at the front doors will improve considerably.


You must screen for both the skater and all the spectators accompanying them to the arena.


To complete your screening go to this link is also on our website.



There are multiple days for each session. If you are a Parent & Tot Wednesday Participant, you will receive a message from SportsHeadz for each Parent& Tot scheduled session. So one for Wednesday, Saturday & Sunday. You only need to complete the COVID screening for the sessions you are scheduled to attend.


Our list of contacts are to be submitted to the Town/arena after each session.  It is important that you complete the screening for each person entering the arena building.


All information and forms are available on our website in the COVID


Please Note: 
These protocols are subject to change on an ongoing basis as additional information becomes available.


What Clothing & Equipment does my child need?
- hockey or figure skates
- a hockey certified helmet
- gloves
- a warm coat
- splash pants or snow pants are recommended
Are Spectators Allowed to stay and watch?
Yes.  Each child is allowed 2 spectators.   These spectators must comply with the Town's vaccination requirements, must be screened, wear a mask and remain socially distanced in the stands.  Spectators should dress warmly because they must remain in the stands.  No one is allowed to watch from the lobby.
Is my child skating today?
There is schedule of skating sessions on the website.  Please check there if in doubt about if a session is cancelled.  We do our best to keep the calendar up to date and accurate.   You can access the calendar here...

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact [email protected]or speak to a board member at the door.


Thank you for your support!