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Feb 28, 2021 | Sue D'Ambrosio | 2691 views
Return To Skating Information
We are back on the ice this Wednesday!!!

The arena has informed us that we will be returning to skating this week in the COVID ORANGE category.   The rules and regulations that were in effect when we shut down before Christmas will still be in effect when we return on Wednesday.


As a reminder, the following rules will be in effect until further notice.


Entering the Arena

The front doors on Mutual Street are for ENTERING the building ONLY.  You are not to exit the building via these doors


Dressing Rooms

When entering the building look up at the screen near the vending machines at ceiling level.  It will list what dressing rooms your skater's session is assigned too.  

Dressing Room 1 & 2 are to the right and 4 & 5 are to the left.


Go directly to your dressing rooms.


Each dressing room has a maximum number of occupants posted on the door. Please ensure that you use a room that has space for you and your skater.


Skaters are to remain in their dressing room until the Zamboni is done and the session is beginning.




There should only be one (1) spectator for each child on the ice.

Spectators are to sit on the side of the arena that their skater's dressing room is on.  


You must always wear your face mask when in the building.


You are to sit distanced in the stands.


No one is to be in the lobby.  The lobby is a passage to the dressing rooms and to the washrooms.  At no other time should you be in the lobby.



Skaters may remove their face masks when on the ice.

Skaters are reminded to maintain social distancing while on the ice.



Exiting the Arena

You are to exit the arena via the door on the side of the arena that your dressing room is on.  

There is a door exit door on each side of the arena next to the spectator stands.   

The front doors are NOT to be used as an exit.


Health Screening

An ISC board member is at the door for each session assisting with the screening; however, we are asking all families to please complete your health screening at home before coming to the arena.  You can screen for 24 hours before your skater's session.  If pre-screening is completed, the flow at the front doors will improve considerably.


You must screen for both the skater and the adult accompanying them to the arena.


To complete your screening go to or download the SportsHeadz app to your phone.


The first time in you will need to Register after that you can just Login.


We have set up each family with one email address.  (The primary email given at registration.) That login can screen for their skater(s) and the other guardian/spectator.   If the other guardian would like his/her own login, please send a message to [email protected]  to be added.    If there are other people that may regularly accompany your skater to their session, please contact the admin email and we will add those people to your screening list.


Thank you for prescreening!!!



Final Payments / Refunds


Now that we know when we will return to the ice and that we will be in orange, we will begin to calculate each skater's credit/refund for the skating sessions missed during lockdown.   We will send out statements/invoices in the next couple of weeks.  




Last chance to earn your bond points!!


Our last fundraiser for the 2020/21 skating year will be Elmira Chicken!


This fundraiser will end on March 14, 2021.   


Please ensure all order forms are submitted at the arena during your skating time or emailed to [email protected] along with a completed order form.  


Payments can be made by cheque, cash or e-transfer to [email protected]


When e-transferring, please ensure in the comment field you indicate "Elmira Chicken Fundraiser".


Order forms can be found on our website under the fundraising tab...




Thank you for your support!  We look forward to returning to the ice on Wednesday!!


Cyndi Barnim & The ISC Board Members